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Why in my checkout do I see twice the charge on shipping?

This happens when you select two items from different suppliers, One supplier is from a print of demand service and the other one is from my personal store. so if you see 2 shipping methods on your cart-checkout page, this means that you’re selecting items from two different suppliers.


Webtoon Among men

Can I translate your webcomic? 

Please only translate the comic through the official webtoon  fan’s translations section. Please don’t use, promote or buy pirate translations, piracy affects my income as you don’t have idea, I really love to offer you my best on my comic and would like to continue working on it for you for free. If you love my story, please support avoiding piracy and reporting pirate content.

Can I make fanart, fandub or merch about your characters?

YUP! anything you want to do it’s ok as long as is respectful for others in the community, and don’t forget to tell me to like it and share it! I would make my day.

Fandub is okay as long the chapters were published one year ago or longer

Can I use your art for…?

You can use screencaps from the comic or my art in anything you want as long is not for commercial use (ask first).

Have more questions? let me know and I’m gonna be more than glad to add it here!

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