how to make a webtoon
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    How to make a webtoon

    How to Turn Your Comic Idea Into a Business? 

    Comics are kind of a big deal these days. Total revenue for the comic publishing industry in 2020 was estimated to be $865 million in US, and that’s not counting peripheral sources of income from merchandise, or high-profile movie deals.

    I probably don’t even need to tell you that there are many movies that were based on comic books.

    How to make a webtoon

    That said, the average comic book fan or aspiring artist may not have much faith that their nerdy pastime could be worth millions of dollars. After all, it’s challenging breaking into an already-saturated industry, especially if you don’t have much experience. But if you think about your hobby as a business, and you’re willing to invest in your personal success, you could transform your passion for comic books into an institution capable of earning you a slice of that $865-million pie.

    How to make a webtoon

    Most artists nowadays believe that the only way to make money creating a comic is only with a popular social media account with thousands of followers or a flash of luck. 

    But this is not real at all, yes these are the most popular factors to make money with webcomics, but the reason behind this is because 90% of the webcomic artists out there just think in the art factor and never works in the business factor, which is very important for generating income with your webcomic.

    How to make a webtoon

    Just because you have nice art doesn’t mean that you have all you need to make a webcomic that will make money. So here are some tips that will help you to focus your webcomic in a strategic way that will help you to generate income.

    How to make a webtoon

    I have more tutorials on my main blog, not just for how to write the plot of your comic, page, check them out! Maybe you will find more useful information!  😀

    How to make a webtoon

    How to make a webtoon

    Check out my main blog page

    you will find more tutorials about the business of making a comic online!

    1. Have an original and engaging plot for your comic

    How to make a webtoon

    As I’ve said in many of my blog posts before, your story is the heart of your webcomic, so you better work very well in this part before anything else!

    how will you stand out from a webcomic website where are thousands and thousands of comic publishing per day?

    simple: BE ORIGINAL 


    The black emoji must be you, you must stand out from the crowd if you want to engage readers.

    how do I know if I have an original idea?

    Answer yourself these questions:

    • If my story is BL, romance. love triangle, do I making something different-new than everyone else? 
    • Do I repeat very common cliches without giving them an original point of view or twist?
    • Is my story setting interesting?
    • Does my art looks different and contrast from other webcomics?

    How to make a webtoon

    My point about an original concept is more focused on the linear story format (those who have a beginning, a middle, and an end). A short slice of life story (Sarah scribbles, Garfield, etc.) may not suit these requirements,  because these stories are auto conclusive stories in 7 panels or less. For this kind of webcomic more than an original concept, you must have an engaging concept.

    How to make a webtoon

    Ask yourself these questions if you want to know if you have an engaging story:

    • Does my audience feel identified with my story or my characters? you can measure this with social media shares, likes, and comments, think about this comic format as if you were creating a meme, if you create a good meme, this will go viral. 
    • Are my characters interesting, lovely, or funny? This is essential for selling merch later.
    • Is my webcomic focused only on 2 or 3 topics? Focus on this part because you must have an ideal reader profile. is confusing to read a slice of life story with the topic of pets and suddenly is about geeks life. 

    How to make a webtoon

    2. Know your ideal reader

    Why is so important to know your ideal reader? Not everyone loves romance, so don’t expect everyone is going to like your comic. knowing your ideal reader will help you to:

    How to make a webtoon

    1. Make money with your webtoon, your ideal reader will become your niche
    2. Knowing your niche will help to know where and how to find more new readers.
    3. If you know your ideal readers would be too easy for your to promote our webcomic on the internet.

    Do you wanna know how to know who is your ideal reader is? When I started to publish my webcomic on Line Webtoon I felt that maybe it wasn’t my ideal platform because I didn’t have the reach that I would like to. So I did these little steps to get more clear if my ideal reader was there, these steps may help you to find your ideal reader too:

    • Find out who is loving your story, try to send them a personal message.
    • Publish a post asking to respond to a small survey, people who love your work will be more than glad to help you.
    • you can ask things like:
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Country
      • Personal tastes in entertainment 
      • Anything that you feel you need to know about them so you can use it to promotion of your work :

    How to make a webtoon

    3. Promote your comic thinking in your ideal reader

    How to make a webtoon

    It’s easy to be intimidated if you’re comparing your idea to the stories told by the long-standing legends of the comic book industry, DC and Marvel. These are companies with 85 and 58 years of experience, respectively, and they’ve earned their status as the industry juggernauts. But don’t forget, every comic book legend started out as the scrappy underdog, and climbed to the top with good business acumen, brilliant ideas, and inspired marketing; just 20 years ago, even then-popular Marvel Comics was on the verge of bankruptcy.

    How to make a webtoon

    Self-publishing is expensive, and most people won’t have enough idle cash to launch your their publishing company the way Dark Horse  / Marvel did. But there are ample resources available to the modern artist-turned-entrepreneur to make a comic book dream a reality. For example, Herowood Comics, launching in just a few days, shows it’s possible to start a new comic label from scratch. And ComiXLore is a brand making that startup process even easier; it’s an alternative to traditional publishing that helps new artists print and distribute their work.

    How to make a webtoon

    4. Not all the work is just Art

    Talent is overrated. And skill beats talent every time. Here’s why you must focus on more than one subject in your project than art. This doesn’t mean that you should practice and improve your artwork, but focusing all your energy and attention in only one basket won’t make your project grow unless you got a sparkle of luck.


    5. Have a solid marketing / business plan

    It’s possible to make money with comics in several ways, depending on your existing skillset and what you’re hoping to achieve. For example, you could:

    ·         Start self-publishing in a webcomic platform. If you’re a complete amateur this is one of the best ways to start showing your work, try to engage with the community and your readers to grow your audience, not because you’re on an app for webcomics means that you’re gonna get readers with magic. if you wanna know where you wan post your comic and wich one could be better for your webcomic I recommend you to visit this article: how to make money with webcomics

    ·         Attempt to sign to a major label. If you’re an artist or writer, you could pitch your work to a major label, but be prepared for stiff competition and a high barrier to entry.

    ·         Sign to an indie label. Indie publishers have a lower barrier to entry, making them accessible to newcomers, but you’ll still need to show off a portfolio of your best work to even be considered.


    ·         Start your own label. If you have the time and money for it, you could launch and market your own comics label. However, if you fail to generate ample support in the first few years, you could quickly go bankrupt.

    ·         Take advantage of self-publishing and alternative publishing. For most modern emerging comic book artists, the best path is self-publishing or alternative publishing. It gives you access to printing and distribution without requiring you to compete with the existing industry titans or requiring you to front your life savings for an independent label of your own.

    In addition to these possibilities, there are many fields of specialty to consider. For example, rather than being a mere comic book “artist,” you could be a penciller, an inker, a colorist, a letterer, or some hybrid of multiple roles.

    How to make a webtoon

    6. Generate more than one channel for income with your webcomic

    Getting good pay from your webcomic is not so easy if you have to earn a huge audience to live from ads, so you better start thinking of more than one way to generate income with your webcomic.

    The most popular extra options for generating an extra income are:

    • Giving extra content on patreon
    • Having your own blog
    • Selling merch
    • Crowdfunding extra projects from your comic
    • and more!


    Generate your own business plan with the blueprint that I use for my webcomic:

    How to make a webtoon

    Do want to know how to make your business model for your comic?

    Get my business model blueprint for webtoon/manga/comics and discover how can you make money with your work. with easy steps on this worksheet, you will have a better idea of how can you transform your passion into a solid business!


    Of course, merely having a “cool idea” isn’t enough to make you a millionaire. In addition to choosing the right career approach from the preceding section, you’ll need to:     

    How to make a webtoon

    ·        Do something original. Another high school teen mutating and getting super strength isn’t going to cut it. Push the boundaries, and show people something they haven’t seen before.

    ·         Be flexible. Just because you think something’s a good idea doesn’t mean it’s going to be a hit with your intended publisher or audience. Listen to feedback, and learn from it.

    ·         Scale when you’re ready. Being a hit in your home city is a great feeling, but it won’t make you rich. Come up with a plan to scale to a wider audience over time, reaching new demographics in new cities, with a stronger, more loyal fan base.

    It’s a long and tumultuous journey to the top, but it’s well worth it if you’re passionate about your ideas. Be prepared to learn from your mistakes and from existing experts in the industry; like in any business, to be successful, you have to be willing to fail and continue growing.

     let’s grow the industry together, if we help each other we can build a community of webcomic creators that can earn money with their art!!

    My best wishes to you, I know you can do it!

    See you! 😀 

    How to make a webtoon

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